Corn syrup chemical formula

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Corn syrup production process chemical formula:

Corn→Removal of impurities→Degerming→Crushing→Mixing→ Gelatinization →Liquelation→Glycation→Decolorization→Filter Concentration→Finished Cornstarch Syrup

Main materials needed: a-amylase, glucoamylase

By-products: bran, protein cake (can be used as feed)

(Also can called this cornstarch syrup chemical formula)

cornstarch syrup p rocessing machineProduced cornstarch syrup

Operational points of corn syrup chemical formula:

1. Material selection: Commercially available high quality yellow corn is used.

2. Degerming: remove the corn germ.

3. Crushing: The crushing degree of corn requires can through 30 mesh.

4. Mixing: Add water according to the ratio of corn starch: water=1:3, stir well, soak for 15min, so that the corn starch can fully absorb water to facilitate the gelatinization.

5. Gelatinization: At 90~100 °C, while heating, stirring, corn starch is fully gelatinized for 10min.

corn starch syrup production machineCornstarch syrup production machine

6. Liquefaction: When the gelatinization is complete, cool to 85 °C, add 0.2% a-amylase, 0.2% calcium chloride (Ca2+ has protective effect on the enzyme), then homogenize, adjust the pH to 6.0, first liquefy After 30 min, the corn starch liquefaction solution was boiled for 10 min, then cooled to 85 ° C, and then liquefied by adding 0.3% a-amylase for 30 min. The iodine solution was not discolored, and the liquefaction was confirmed to be complete.

7. Saccharification: When the liquefaction is complete, the liquefied fermentation broth is boiled for 10 minutes to destroy the enzyme. Then reduce the temperature to 60 °C, adjust the pH to 5.0 around, add 0.1% glucoamylase and 1% bran, saccharify for 10h at constant temperature, then boil the enzyme for 12min.

8. Decolorization: The saccharification solution is heated to 85 °C, about 1% activated carbon is added, and the mixture is stirred for 30 minutes to achieve the purpose of decolorization.

9. Filtration and concentration: The saccharification solution is passed through a 120 mesh sieve, and then the sugar liquid is heated and concentrated to 70% to 80% concentration.

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