Syrup production system

2018-11-14 /
1. Raw material pretreatment system:
(using broken rice as raw material to produce syrup as an example) This system includes washing, soaking and pulverizing treatment of broken rice. The broken rice enters the conveying and washing machine from the feeding hopper, and the sprinkler is connected with the water pipe in syrup production system. This can realize the washing process in the dynamic process of conveying, and achieve the effect of conveying and spraying. After soaking for a certain time, the bottom of the tank outputs the immersed broken rice to the coarse pulverizer according to the amount, and the coarse pulverization and fine pulverization can effectively pulverize the rice syrup and the like to 120 mesh or more, and the finely pulverized liquid is rotated by the 120 mesh disk. After sieving process in the syrup production system, the process proceeds to the next process, and impurities such as fibers are removed.

syrup production machine
Machine used in liquefaction system

2. Syrup liquefaction system:
The main equipment of this syrup production system includes jet liquefier, flash tank, laminar flow tank, dextrinization tank, material transfer pump, automatic control system, equipment platform and operation frame. After the feed liquid is standardized, the concentration of the spray liquefaction is reached the PH and other indicators require mixing with high temperature and high pressure steam in the jet liquefier and rapidly raising the temperature to 105℃. The high temperature and high pressure fluid is depressurized to lower its boiling point and then enter the flash tank, the material is converted to dextrin or sugar by liquefaction system.

syrup processing plant
Syrup evaporator

3. Syrup concentration and purification system:
The main equipment of this syrup production system includes automatic control system, material mixing balance tank, two-effect falling film concentrator, material conveying pump, vacuum pump, plate and frame filter press, equipment platform and operating frame. The saccharified syrup is filtered through a plate and frame filter to remove impurities and decolorized in syrup production system, and then pumped into a system consisting of a cation-anion-cation ion exchanger for deep desalination and decolorization. Due to the high concentration of the medium, the flow rate is 12.5 m/h, which is a commonly used water treatment process in water desalination and high purity water preparation, and the final discharge conductivity of ion exchange is <50 μs/cm. After the syrup is decolorized, it enters the stirring balance tank, and then is transported by the transfer pump to the single-effect falling film concentrator to dehydrate the syrup. The evaporation water volume is 40kg/h. Doing Companyoffered syrup production system concentrator is equipped with a fully automatic control system to monitor the temperature, concentration and vacuum of the material in real time. And automatically control its in and out. The single-effect falling film vacuum evaporator adopts a short residence time, a low evaporation temperature and a large concentration ratio. The maximum discharge concentration can reach 75-80% under the premise of ensuring the concentration quality, which can meet the syrup quality requirements.

syrup production equipment
Ion exchange column

4. Inactivated enzyme dehydration and drying system:
The main equipment of this system includes automatic control system, material mixing balance tank, flash vortex dryer, material conveying pump, vacuum drum dewatering machine, tube type UHT sterilizer, equipment platform and operation frame of syrup production system. The concentration of starch slurry or protein pulp is about 18~20% after cyclone washing. The vacuum drum dewatering machine can effectively remove the moisture in the starch slurry, protein pulp or other slurry materials, effectively and continuously achieve solid-liquid separation, so that the filter residue moisture can reach about 50%, so as to enter the next air drying system for drying; the tubular UHT sterilizer uses high-pressure water for instant heat sterilization, especially for heat-sensitive materials to effectively protect while sterilizing with automatic temperature, steam pressure display and control system; automatic cleaning system; all key valve parts are all imported equipment to ensure the safety of the whole equipment; dehydrated materials use eddy current flash dryer to complete the process of material dehydration and drying in syrup production system. The high-speed rotating blade is used to fully break the incoming slurry, and the force of the blower and the induced draft fan is quickly raised to achieve a rapid effect; the powder and the hot air are separated from the flash steam chamber after entering most of the moisture, and enter the circumferential vortex wind. The channel continuously changes the direction of contact between the material particles and the hot gas stream, and instantaneously completes the drying and moisture stabilization process.

Above all, this is the syrup production system introduction from Doing Company. More details or any other technical problem, welcome to contact us.

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