How is fructose corn syrup made ?

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There are two basic principles about how is fructose corn syrup made by enzyme immobilization technology:

1. The sugar mold is cultivated under deep aeration conditions. The fermented mash of the can is adjusted the pH and heated to fix the glucose isomerase in the bacteria for the fructose corn syrup made, filter and wash with water. The filter cake is dried and pumped into a pressurized blade filter with a mixture of glucose, MgSO4 and NaHSO3 containing corn starch hydrolysate until each leaf is coated with a solid phase enzyme preparation having a thickness of 2.54 to 3.81 cm, the filter acts as a reactor.

2. Glucose isomerase is adsorbed onto DEAE----cellulose or other adsorbent. This powder is filtered on a pressurized vane filter which acts as a reactor. Corn syrup was pumped into the reactor to control the flow rate to 45% glucose conversion to the fructose in the process for how is fructose corn syrup made. When the activity of the solid phase isomerase preparation is gradually decreased, the flow rate is gradually reduced, so that glucose still has 45% of the converted sugar.

corn syrup production equipment
Fructose corn syrup production equipment
In industrial production of the process for how is fructose corn syrup made, the completely processing steps as below:
Starch milk - thick liquid mixing - liquefying - saccharifying - vacuum drum filtering - decoloring - pressure filtering - ion exchanging - isomerism - evaporating - finished products storage

Corn starch is converted into ordinary fructose corn syrup through a process for how is fructose corn syrup made called enzymatic hydrolysis. In this process, the wet starch is mixed with a weak solution of enzyme and is heated under pressure. The enzyme and heat break down the starch molecules and convert them into liquid glucose. The hydrolysis can be interrupted at different key points to produce fructose corn syrup of varying sweetness. The longer the process is proceed, the sweeter the resulting syrup. This syrup is then filtered or otherwise clarified to remove any objectionable flavor or color. It is further refined and evaporated to reduce the amount of water.

fructose corn syrup equipment
Fructose corn syrup making

Converting corn syrup into high fructose corn syrup in the process for how is fructose corn syrup made:

In fact, the fructose corn syrup is transfered from the ordinery corn syrup/glucose syrup to produce. Ordinary corn syrup contains dextrose sugar which is about three-quarters as sweet as the sucrose sugar in cane or beet sugar. In many sweetener applications this is an advantage because it does not overpower the other flavors in the food. However, in some applications, such as soft drinks, a sweeter taste is desired. To improve the sweetness of ordinary corn syrup, it undergoes a further process called enzyme conversion. In this process, the dextrose sugars in the syrup are converted into sweeter fructose sugars by the action of an enzyme in a series of steps under carefully controlled temperatures, pressures, and acidity. This produces a high fructose corn syrup with a 42% fructose content. It is suitable to used in canned fruits and condiments.

To produce corn syrups with a fructose level above 50%, the 42% fructose syrup is passed through a series of fractionation columns, which separate and hold the fructose content. The separated portion is about 80-90% fructose and is flushed from the columns with deionized water. A portion of this is retained and sold for use in "light" foods where only a small amount of liquid sweetener is needed. The remainder is blended with other 42% fructose syrup to produce a 55% fructose syrup, which is used in soft drinks, ice cream, and frozen desserts.

Finally, to made fructose corn syrup, Doing Company manufacture and supply the syrup machines include: mixing tank, liquefaction tank, saccharification tank, plate frame filter press, drum filter, decolorization tank, ion exchange column, isomerism machine, syrup evaporator, and many other auxiliary equipment.

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