Application of corn syrup in beer brewing

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The traditional beer uses barley malt as the main raw material, cereal as the auxiliary material, hops as the spice, and produces low-calorie brewing wine rich in nutrients and carbon dioxide through malt, saccharification and fermentation processes. Alcohol content is only 3%-6% (v/v). It has hops and refreshing bitterness. It is popular among consumers. Therefore, it has a wide consumption and consumes a lot. It is the world's largest wine.

Corn is widely planted in the world and has a large yield. It uses corn syrup as an auxiliary material to produce beer. Nowadays, corn syrup is used as a beer accessory, which is more common in the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries. Corn syrup can not only replace rice as an auxiliary material, but also make the composition of the syrup as close as possible to the wort component, so that it can replace part of the malt, so that the beer production cost can be further reduced under the premise of ensuring the quality of the beer. The production of beer by starch syrup can reduce the production cost of beer by about $15/t.

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Effect of corn syrup on beer stability:

Abiotic stability: When the nitrogen content of the malt is excessive, excessive polymer nitrogenous substances may cause turbidity in the finished beer. The use of corn syrup will dilute the level of nitrogenous material in the final wort. Because the nitrogenous component of corn syrup is small, the use of corn syrup can not only reduce the total nitrogen level of the wort, but also reduce the level of high molecular nitrogen and increase the beer. Non-biological stability.

Biostability: After repeated experiments, the bio-stability of beer produced using starch syrup is almost the same as that of regular beer.

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The effect of corn syrup on beer flavor:

Flavor: Beer produced with corn syrup has a lighter taste, but too much use will cause the beer to be too light, so control its dosage.

Flavor Stability: Beer produced using corn syrup has better flavor stability because corn syrup has a low fat content. Oleic acid and linoleic acid produced by fat hydrolysis are one of the main sources of carbon-based compounds. The carbonyl compound is the main component of the aging flavor of beer. The long-chain unsaturated aldehyde produced by fatty acids is aging. Typical representative of matter. By measuring the antioxidant value of beer brewed from different excipients, it was found that the use of corn syrup can effectively increase the antioxidant value of beer under the same production conditions. For beer produced in the same production process, the higher the antioxidant value, the better the flavor stability of the beer. Therefore, the use of corn syrup to produce beer can improve the flavor stability of the beer.

Corn syrup production process operation points(click the link to get more information)

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To sum up:

1. Corn liquefaction uses three-stage liquefaction method. The specific operation is: when the gelatinization is complete, cool to 80-90 °C, add 0.2% a-amylase. 0.2% calcium chloride, then mix well and adjust the pH value. 6.0-6.5, first liquefaction for 30min, then corn starch liquefied liquid boiled for 10min. Then cooled to 80-90 °C, add 0.3% a-amylase liquefaction for 30 min, iodine solution test does not change color, prove that liquefaction is complete.

2. In order to increase the content of a-amino nitrogen in the wort, 0.2% saccharification enzyme and 1% bran were added during the saccharification process, which facilitated the growth and fermentation of the yeast during the fermentation.

3. The use of corn syrup in beer production can greatly reduce the cost of beer.

4. In the production process, the addition of enzymatic method can greatly increase the amount of excipients, reaching about 70%, thus breaking the traditional production method of beer.

5. Fermentation process of beer: the volume ratio of wort and corn syrup is 1:2, the amount of yeast is 6%, the main fermentation time is 5 days, and the main fermentation temperature is 10 °C.

6. Beer produced from corn syrup has a poor foam durability.

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