Is glucose and corn syrup the same thing? Glucose syrup vs corn syrup

2018-12-03 /Industry news

Glucose is very common in our lives. There are corn syrup, rice syrup, maltose syrup and high fructose syrup. Usually, we are not very familiar with sugar products. In fact, they are all starch sugar. Here, main answer the question is glucose and corn syrup the same thing, and introduce glucose syrup vs corn syrup.

Glucose, also known as dextrose, is a simple sugar, but its sweetness is not as good as sucrose. The hypoglycemia and high blood sugar levels mentioned in our lives refer to the glucose level. On the other hand, the glucose required for the production of foods such as baking and confectionery is mainly the use of various starch resources. For example, wheat, rice and corn starch are the main sources of starch. Potato, sweet potato and cassava starch are also increasing. For the processing of starch sugar. In industrial processing, starch is broken down into simple glucose by the action of water and enzymes.

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The forms of glucose in life are mainly glucose syrup and powdered glucose. Glucose syrup is usually present in combination with other sugars, especially fructose, and is as sweet as sucrose. Powdered glucose is a product in which glucose syrup is sprayed into tiny droplets and then dried. Glucose can be used to add luster, improve food texture, etc. It is widely used in foods such as candy and ice cream to prevent or limit product crystallization. It is an indispensable ingredient in modern pastry and baking industry.

Corn syrup is a syrup produced from high-quality corn starch. In the preparation process, corn starch granules are treated with acid or enzyme to cause it to decompose into glucose, and further processed into a thick syrup-type glucose solution after obtaining glucose. Because corn syrup is slightly acidic and reacts with baking soda to produce oxygen, it is often used in baked goods to give baked goods a fluffy mouthfeel. Corn syrup can also increase the volume of some products and inhibit crystallization. Corn syrup is widely used in the production of beer, baked goods, sweet drinks and frozen foods, also widely used in children's milk powder in recent years to thicken.

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Corn syrup production process:

Corn starch→mixing→liquefaction→filtration→saccharification→decolorization→ion exchange→evaporation→isomerization→ion exchange→evaporation→corn syrup.

Glucose syrup vs corn syrup

When adding sugar, there is not much difference between glucose syrup and corn syrup. In fact, glucose syrup is usually made from corn starch, so the terms "glucose syrup" and "corn syrup" are sometimes used interchangeably.

Glucose syrup is a liquid sweetener made by hydrolyzing glucose molecules from a string of glucose that constitutes a starchy food. Starches used to make glucose syrup include potato, sweet potato, cassava, wheat, rice and corn starch.

Corn syrup is also a liquid sweetener made by hydrolyzing corn starch to glucose. Corn syrup may be referred to as glucose syrup due to the type of sweetener, but not all glucose syrup may be referred to as corn syrup.

You can use glucose and corn syrup interchangeably in the daily food recipe. Both syrups are ideal for confectionery and frozen dessert recipes because their consistency helps prevent crystallization. You can also use syrup as a sweet glaze for ham, poultry or fish, or as a sweet ingredient in sweet and sour Asian dishes. Liquid sweeteners such as glucose and corn syrup can also be used in baked goods to increase sweetness and moisture.

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