Syrup manufacturing plant cost analysis

May 23, 2018 / Industry news
About the syrup manufacturing plant cost, this usually the first factor the customer considers, and before you ask for the syrup manufacturing plant cost, you need to know the cost mainly decided by your capacity requests, and because of the syrup manufacturing plant is an industrial project, made up of complete sets of production equipment, include the equipments install and adjustment, different customer also with different details requests. Above all, the syrup manufacturing plant cost not a simple question. But Doing company has made a project of syrup manufacturing plant in Beijing with annual capacity 4 million tons, its main products is high fructose corn syrup, this project whole set of equipments quotation nearly 12 million US dollars, you can as a reference.

starch syrup manufacturing plant

For another, except the equipment investment, the syrup manufacturing plant cost also include many others like the raw material, powder consume, manpower, its cost as below(use this annual capacity 4 million tons syrup manufacturing plant for example):
Annual capacity 4 million tons corn syrup plant raw material cost
Name Unit Capacity/consumption per day Capacity/consumption per year
Syrup products t 66.7 20010
Raw material t 552 20340
Thin liquid syrup t 258.3 77490
Avtivated carbon kg 498.8 149625
α-enzyme L 40.68 6102
β-enzyme kg 45.2 13560
Pullulanase ml 203.4 61020

It's necessary to tell you that the high fructose corn syrup manufacturing plant cost is higher than glucose and maltose, because its process section is more than glucose production, demand more equipments for the isomerism process to change glucose into fructose, and Doing Company offered syrup manufacturing plant can produce three type syrup include the glucose, maltose, fructose. You can adjust your production plan according to the market condition change. To reduce the syrup manufacturing plant cost, suggest you construct a raw material production plant. And we all know the starch is the raw material used for syrup manufacturing, corn and rice usually the first choice for syrup produce, then is the potatoes include potato, sweet potato, cassava, etc. Our company owned the newest and advanced technology can manufacturer the syrup from corn/ rice powder directly, also can manufacturered the potato starch production plant for you, our mature technology and perfect starch and syrup production line also can help you to save your syrup manufacturing plant cost.

Below is the price-cost in this annual capacy 4 million tons high fructose corn syrup plant, you can as a reference:

Name Unit consume Unit price(RMB) Total price(RMB)
Corn 1.02t 950 per ton 969
Activated carbon 7.5kg 4 per kg 30
Enzyme   133.5
Coal 92.3kg 210 per ton 19.39
Electric 56.45 0.8 per kilowatt 45.16
Water 1.71 1 per ton 1.71
Depreciation   72
Manpower   60
Revenue   100
Others   100
Protein cake -142 kg 1500 per ton -213
Total   1323

Note: this expense calculation is according to this annual capacity 4 million tons high fructose corn syrup factory in Beijing, China, the specific price is subject to local conditions.

This high fructose corn syrup sale price is 1850 yuan per ton. So the economic benefit in this high fructose corn syrup factory is (1,850-1,323)*4,000=21,080,000 yuan. Total US dollars is about 3,306,926. That's to say this high fructose corn syrup factory can recover all costs within two years, this is a high return project.

All in all, if you want to get a certain number for the syrup manufacturing plant cost, you must need to discuss with our engineer to make a production plan for your plant, then we can know your equipments cost, otherwise, you also need to consider the plant construction cost, the most important factor is the land price. After all details confirmed, you can know the syrup manufacturing plant cost.

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