Glucose syrup preparation tank

Glucose syrup preparation tank

To prepare glucose syrup, we need many kinds of glucose syrup preparation tank include mixing tank, liquefaction tank, saccharification tank, and the glucose syrup storage tank.This is the glucose syrup preparation tank introduction.

To prepare glucose syrup, we need many kinds of glucose syrup preparation tank include mixing tank, liquefaction tank, saccharification tank, and the glucose syrup storage tank. These different glucose syrup preparation tanks with different design, except these tanks, for glucose syrup preparation, also demand many other equipments like ion exchange column, evaporator, plate and frame filter press, etc. Above all, this consist a complete industrial glucose syrup preparation factory.

Doing Company are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, traders and exporters of the glucose syrup preparation tank. These tanks are developed and designed using high grade raw material in compliance with industry laid norms and guidelines. All the tanks offered by us are widely applauded by our valuable clients for their excellent features such as high durability and high tensile strength. Following is the differetn types glucose syrup preparation tank and its function introduction:

glucose syrup preparation tank
Glucose syrup preparation mixing tank

1-Mixing tank: mixing the starch with clean water by this mixing tank, then concentration the liquid to 18Be, adjust PH value to 5.6-6.0. then put into certain enzyme, keeping a certain temperature for particular time to make sure the proceeding of physical reaction between starch and enzyme, this is the first step for glucose syrup preparation, the mixing tank also the firstly used glucose syrup preparation tank. After this, we can get starch milk, which is transparent and sticky, the starch not be precipitated, this phenomenon called gelatinization.

glucose syrup preparation tank
Doing Company glucose syrup liquefaction tank

2-Liquefaction tank: this part glucose syrup preparation tank function is adjust the starch milk concentration, temperature and PH value for preparing glycosylated. And this liquefaction process include laminar tank, maintaining tank and neutralization tank.

Liquefaction process technical parameters:
Starch slurry concentration α-enzyme PH value Temperature DE value
32%-36% 8-10g per ton dry starch before:6.0-6.4   
after: 4.2-4.5
different value in different section 15%-20%

3-Saccharification tank: this tank used for the starch milk saccharification, add the saccharification enzyme is equivalent to 0.45-0.58L/ ton dry starch, after processed by this glucose syrup preparation tank, the DE value is 95-97, and our saccharification liquid yield is about 98%-105%.

Saccharification tank technical parameters:

Glucomylase PH value DE value Time cost Saccharification liquid yield
0.45-0.58L per ton dry starch 5.5 95%-98% 50h per tank 98%-105%

glucose syrup preparation tank
Saccharification tank
4-Storage tank: final glucose syrup need to preserve in professional syrup storage tank to keep the quality. Doing syrup storage tank with seal design, install respirator, ensure the finished syrup has no pollution and constant temperature storage. In the light of client's requests, the automatic filling machine can be started at any time, and the filling can be transported to the warehouse or inspected, then delivery to customers.

glucose syrup preparation tank
Glucose syrup storage tank

Among is the main glucose syrup preparation tank description, if you want to know all the glucose syrup preparation machine, please cilck the link.

All of our glucose syrup preparation tank come with a well-tested design and superior quality that enables them to have an enhanced service life with excellent performance all throughout. All these glucose syrup preparation tank are manufactured in terms of customers drawn blueprints, satisfying the guidelines of international standards. This is how, we assure in delivering Grade-A Plants that contains striking features of speedy performance, easy handling and long service life. In between all these, we are also skilled enough in offering Turnkey Projects for glucose syrup preparation tank.

glucose syrup preparation tank
Doing Company glucose syrup preparation equipments

Our glucose syrup preparation tank are backed with an extremely strong infrastructural background and we offer customized solutions to our esteemed customers. We are comprised of a team of superbly talented dexterous professionals who do not fail to serve the company with the best of their abilities. We never shy away from implementing the upgraded technology in the work that we do in order to be at par with the latest trends in the market. Each glucose syrup preparation tank from our side goes through multiple rounds of quality checks before getting ready for dispatch and delivery. Time deliverance is something that we pay utmost attention to so that we are able to send across happiness to our customers. Owing to these aspects, we are able to develop an amazing customer base all across the country.

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