Starch syrup production line

Starch syrup production line

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starch glucose syrup
Starch syrup is a concentrated aqueous solution of glucose,maltose and other nutritive saccharides obtained from hydrolysis of starch in starch syrup production line. 

The corn starch is the major source for making the starch syrup,the starch syrup also called as corn syrup.But the potato starch,cassava starch or rice also can be used to making the starch syrup in starch syrup production line. Starch syrup is used in large quantities in fruits,liquors,crystallized fruits,bakery products,pharmaceuticals,and brewery products.

What is the main process of starch syrup production line?

The starch syrup production line production process is include: starch milk adjustment  process, starch liquefaction process, starch syrup saccharification process,decoloring and filtration process,Ion exchange process,evaporation process.
starch glucose syrup production line
3D starch syrup producution line chart flow

First step of starch syrup production line is mixing starch, enzyme and water for making required density starch milk, then the starch milked will be liquefied by the jet cooker. After liquefaction process,the liquid dextrin is produced,for making required starch syrup,the dextrin will be pump into saccharification tanks mix with the other kind enzyme for some hours,then crude starch syrup is produced when the Saccharification process finished.For making high quality colorless starch syrup,the crude starch syrup will be decorloed by actived carbon and remove the demineralization by ion exchange process.At last,evaporate the water from starch syrup to increase the density to the buyer requirement. 

glucose syrup production line
Starch syrup production line machine in Doing factory

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starch syrup production line
Doing starch syrup production line

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