How is corn syrup made?

Apr 04, 2018 / FAQ
Corn syrup, as its name, the raw material is corn. About how is corn syrup made, Doing Company answer for you and can make a solution for you as your requests. Corn syrup made include corn flour/starch production-corn flour/starch mixing with water-liquefaction-deproteinization-saccharification-decolorization-saccharification-ion exchange process-evaporation and concentration-final corn syrup.
Following is the equipments request and its function introduction:

how is corn syrup made
Corn syrup made processing process

1. Corn flour/starch processing line: Doing Machinery can manufacturer and supply whole set of processing equipments for you. This is the first step of corn syrup made.

2. Mixing tank: add water and corn flour/starch with a certain proportion, then add enzyme and wait the proceeding of physical reaction between corn flour/starch and enzyme.

3. Liquefaction process: this process requests jet cooker and liquefied tank, made the starch slurry into an operable viscosity.

how is corn syrup made
Saccharification tank

4. Deproteinization in corn syrup made: use plate and frame filter press, to remove the protein contain in the liquid.

5. Saccharification: use special saccharification tank, the function is change the liquefied starch into glucose.

6. Decolorization: pump the saccharification liquid into decolorization tank, add activated carbon to complete this process.

how is corn syrup made
Corn syrup made equipments

7. Decarburization in corn syrup made: this section purpose is remove the activated carbon by plate and frame filter press.

8. Ion exchange system: adopt special ion exchange column, remove the Ca2+ and Mg2+, and adjust PH value and conductance.

9. Evaporation: suggest corn syrup made by three-effect evaporator to get suitable corn syrup, of courcose you can select other evaporator as your requests.
Among is the total introduction of how is corn syrup made.

Finally, this is the whole production process and equipments introduction of how is corn syrup made.

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