Decolorication and decarburization process of syrup production

Mar 10, 2018 /Syrup Processing
The fifth step of syrup production line-decolorication and decarburization introduction:

This process is used to get pure syrup. All the syrup pumping into the decoloration tanks, at uniform temperature put in the activated carbon mixing with the syrup, after decoloration process , the activated carbon mixed with syrup. Then the filter press will be used to separate the syrup with activated carbon, the cleaning syrup will flow into the slot, activated carbon will stay inside filter. Usually have to make twice to get pure syrup.

decoloration tank
Decoloration tanks in Doing factory

Technical parameters of decoloration tank:
Model Output/m3 Powder/KW Remark
GS-20 6 3 Stainless steel with thermal insulation
GS-30 10 3 Stainless steel with thermal insulation
GS-50 15 3 Stainless steel with thermal insulation
GS-100 20 4 Stainless steel with thermal insulation

The normal sequence of this decolorication and decarburization process:

The first decolorization - the first decarburization - the second decolorization - the second decarburization.

The saccharification liquid will be pumped into a decolorization for 30 minutes. Then pumping the discolored syrup liquid into the first plate frame, the activated carbon will be filter out.Pumping the first discolored syrup liquid is subjected to plate and frame filteration, and then it will be pumped into the ion exchange system storage tank through the plate heat exchanger.

filter press
Filter press for decarburization

Technical parameters of filter press:
Model Output/m2 Powder/KW Remark
GS-20 80 3 Stainless steel with thermal insulation
GS-30 100 3 Stainless steel with thermal insulation
GS-50 120 4 Stainless steel with thermal insulation
GS-100 150 5.5 Stainless steel with thermal insulation

Decolorication and decarburization system can applied in the following syrup  production line:

(1) Corn glucose syrup production line

(2) Rice glucose syrup production line

(3) Wheat glucose syrup production line

(4) Cassava glucose syrup production line

(5) Potato glucose syrup production line

(6) Fructose syrup production line

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