Syrup manufacturing process

2018-06-28 /Syrup Processing
In the starch syrup manufacturing process, it mainly divided into 10 sections as below: 1. Mixing section 2. Liquefaction section 3. Deproteinization section 4. Saccharification section 5. Decolorization section 6. Decarburization section 7. Ion exchange section 8. Evaporation section 9. Storage section. Doing Company is professional in the starch syrup manufacturing process machine design and making, we own mature technology for the starch syrup extract from corn, rice and starch, our syrup manufacturing process flow chart as below(use starch as raw material):

starch syrup manufacturing process
Starch syrup manufacturing process
Fostered with immense years of industry experience and market understanding, we are offering automatic starch syrup manufacturing process technology and the equipments processing power. Our given product is distinguished among customers for its least maintenance. This product is available from us on numerous specifications so as to meet the variegated demand of client. Offered product is well developed using finest quality material and modern technology as per the set industrial norms. Next is Doing Company syrup manufacturing process details introduction:

1. Corn/rice powder or starch slurry mixing process of the syrup manufacturing process:
Mixing the corn/rice powder or starch with water and add some enzyme to get the right density slurry. Use our mixing tank to adjust the slurry PH value and temperature, the liquid will become transparent and sticky because of the interaction, in this time, althtops stirring, the starch will not be precipitated, this phenomenon is called gelatinization, is the first step of starch syrup manufacturing process.

syrup tank
Liquefaction process

2. Liquefaction process:
The liquefaction process is convert the starch which contented inside of the rice powder into liquid dextrin. The material will be sprayed at high temperature by jet cooker. With the aid of amylase and steam, the starch will be converted into liquid dextrin quickly. This liquefaction section in the syrup manufacturing process function is to increase the solubility of starch.

3. Deproteinization process:
The deproteinization process is aimed to separate the rice protein and other solid impurities from liquid dextrin by filter press. Then the liquid dextrin will be pumped to next process. This is the first part of starch syrup purify.

filter press machine
Plate frame filter press machine
4. Saccharification:
The saccharification process is convert the liquid dextrin into required DE value glucose syrup with the aid of gluco-amylase in the tank. This process should be run under specific temperature for some hours.We can get the crude and yellow color liquid syrup. Liquefaction and saccharification is two important section of the syrup manufacturing process, its technical parameters as below:
Glucomylase PH value DE value Time cost Saccharification liquid yield
0.45-0.58L per ton dry starch 5.5 95%-98% 50h per tank 98%-105%

5. Decolorization:
The decolorization process used to remove the color from the liquid syrup by activated carbon. The glucose syrup which reached required DE value will be pumped from saccharification tank into the decolorization tank, mixed with activated carbon at proper temperature, then send to the plate and frame filter press machine to remove the waste activated carbon. In the starch syrup manufacturing process, the deproteinization and decolorization section all need to used the plate and frame filter press machine.

The decarburization process is separating the activated carbon from the liquid syrup by filter press to get clear liquid syrup. The liquid syrup will flow into the slot and the transfer tank for next step.

7. Ion exchange system:
The Ion exchange process is using the resin to remove the tiny foreign items and bad odor to get high quality pure liquid syrup. This is very important for starch syrup purify.

ion exchange column
Ion exchange
8. Evaporation:
The evaporation process is evaporate the excess water inside the liquid syrup to increase the DS of liquid syrup.Usually it need multi-effect evaporator and single effect evaporator work together for producing high DS liquid syrup. In a real sense, this evaporation process is the last step for syrup manufacturing process.

9. Final syrup product storage of the syrup manufacturing process:
The liquid syrup which reach the required DS in the evaporation process will be pumped into final product storage tanks for storage.The final product tank can keep the liquid syrup purity before transportation.

glucose syrup machine
Syrup products

The traditional method of the syrup manufacturing process is produce liquid syrup from the corn starch. Now our company has the new technology, we can produce liquid syrup from corn powder or broken rice directly. It does not need to make starch first. For another, if you want to get syrup from potato, sweet potato, or cassava, still need to process them into starch firstly, our company also can manufacturing the starch production equipments for you. Above all, this is our starch syrup manufacturing process introduction.

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