What is glucose syrup used for ?

Sep 03, 2018 / Industry news
Glucose syrup is a kind of starch syrup produced by the action of enzyme or acid with starch as the raw material. The main components are glucose, maltose, maltotriose, maltotetraose and tetrasaccharide. Also known as liquid glucose, syrup.

production of glucose syrup from starch
Glucose syrup production from starch

About the question what is glucose syrup used for, below DOING company will give the answer:
1. Applied in candy: Glucose syrup has mild and moderate sweetness, good resistance to crystallinity, oxidation resistance, moderate viscosity, good chemical stability, and is widely used in the candy industry.
2. The viscosity of glucose syrup is high. It can be used in canned fruits, juice drinks and edible syrup to improve the consistency and palatability of the product.
3. Glucose syrup has high hygroscopicity and is used in soft candy, bread and pastry foods to keep the product soft, improve the taste of the product and extend the shelf life.
4. Glucose syrup has the advantages of anti-crystallization and low freezing point. It can be used in the production of cold drinks to improve the taste of products and improve the quality of products.
5. Due to the high osmotic pressure of glucose syrup and high sweetness, it is used as a sweetener in candied fruit, candied fruit, jam, canned fruit juice and creamy food. It has the advantages of long shelf life and difficult to change the taste of the product.
6. Application of glucose syrup in baked food: Glucose syrup has good reducibility. It has low chemical stability under neutral and alkaline conditions. It is easily decomposed by heat to form colored substances. It is also easy to coke with protein nitrogenous substances. It produces brown-yellow caramel with a unique flavor and is beneficial to food fermentation in the baking industry due to its high fermentable sugar content. Glucose syrup has high moisture absorption and high moisture retention, which makes the baked foods maintain a constant moisture, soft and delicious.
7. Glucose syrup has similar functions and uses as high maltose syrup in the application process, and can be formulated according to customer requirements (the maltose content of glucose syrup is about 10%-30% lower).
Above answer for what is glucose syrup used for are according to the glucose syrup features to introduce.

glucose syrup processing
Glucose syrup

Glucose syrup is mainly used in the food industry, accounting for 95% of the total amount, and the non-food industry only accounts for 5%, mainly in the pharmaceutical industry. The most used in the food industry is candy, followed by fruit processing, beverages, and baking. In addition, it is also used in canned and dairy products. The role of glucose syrup in the manufacture of confectionery is primarily to control crystallinity to meet the needs of different types of confectionery. The added glucose syrup should be treated separately according to the specific situation. 63DE syrup can increase the hygroscopicity, softness, reduce the degree of education, and inhibit microbial corrosion of candy, and is often used in the production of gum and soft candy. The 35-42DE acid conversion glucose syrup can increase the solid content, improve the solubility of sucrose, ensure the size of the candy, and often mix with sucrose for hard candy production. Candied fruit is an important product in fruit processing. 63DE glucose syrup is used. It has low viscosity and good permeability. It is easy to penetrate into the gap of pulp or peel. The low-grade syrup has high average molecular weight, high viscosity and poor effect.

glucose syrup machinery
Glucose syrup production plant design

Glucose syrup has two functions in alcoholic beverages. One is to control suspension, ripeness and sweetness. The other is to use high-density glucose syrup as a source of fermented carbohydrates. It is added after fermentation or distillation. Glucose syrup is used in large quantities in the baking industry to control the rheological properties of the product, which reduces the browning reaction of the crust. The oligosaccharides in the syrup can control the structure of the product, and the high DE value glucose syrup can make the cake absorb water to prevent drying and prolong the shelf life. Glucose syrup is used in the production of ice cream, which can control the softness, crystal formation and freezing point of the product, so that the product becomes smooth and no ice crystals are produced, but it is sweet and does not cover the flavor. The application of glucose syrup in the pharmaceutical industry includes as a raw material for the production of antibiotics, as a sugar coating, together with sucrose as a carrier for the antitussive solution.

At present, for what is glucose syrup used for, we can say it is mainly used in the food industry. With the improvement of living standards and the continuous development of science and technology in the food industry, the application of glucose syrup in the food industry is more and more extensive. For a long time, the food industry will still the largest application market of glucose syrup.

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