Glucose manufacturing plant cost

Aug 14, 2018 / Industry news
There is no doubt that the glucose manufacturing plant cost is the first problem people concerned which one are plan to establish a glucose manufacturing plant. Before concern this problem, you need to know that the glucose manufacturing plant is a high return on investment project. Doing Company will based on our experience in running a plant and the investment and construction plan for many domestic and foreign customers, the following main items are summarized and the glucose manufacturing plant cost analysis.

glucose syrup production plant
DOING glucose manufacturing plant design

1. Operating costs of the glucose manufacturing plant:
To establish a good plant, the main glucose manufacturing plant cost contain:
(1) Plant site selection(buy or rent), infrastructure construction, such as factories, workshops, etc.
(2) Labor price of glucose manufacturing cost, such as mechanical engineers, production workers, operating workers, etc.
(3) Electricity, water, basic disinfection facilities, fire prevention facilities and other basic production materials are equipped in time according to plant production requirements
According to the financial, human and material resources of each customer's expected investment, glucose manufacturing plant cost is necessary to decide by your actual situation, avoid blind investment, and bear greater risks.

glucose production plant
Glucose manufacturing plant equipments

Below is part of materials cost of in the glucose manufacturing plant, use the corn for an example:
Name Unit consume Unit price(RMB) Total price(RMB)
Corn 1.02t 950 per ton 969
Activated carbon 7.5kg 4 per kg 30
Enzyme   133.5
Coal 92.3kg 210 per ton 19.39
Electric 56.45 0.8 per kilowatt 45.16
Water 1.71 1 per ton 1.71
Depreciation   72
Manpower   60
Revenue   100
Others   100
Protein cake -142 kg 1500 per ton -213
Total   1323

Note: this expense calculation is according to this annual capacity 4 million tons high fructose corn syrup factory in Beijing, China, the specific price is subject to local conditions.

2. Glucose manufacturing plant cost equipments investment:
Glucose manufacturing equipment is the most important part of glucose manufacturing plant cost, equipments as a fixed expense, we need to make a careful market investigation and choose the glucose manufacturing plant equipment with high cost performance and suitable for personal processing needs.

syrup filter machine
DOING syrup filter machine

As we all know, the raw material to making glucose is grains, actually is starch, use the cassava as an example, if you want to produce glucose from cassava, you need to equipped with two production line, first process cassava into starch, then process the cassava starch into glucose, and Doing Company can manufacturer the starch production line and syrup production line for you, automated processing with a complete production chain can guarantee the glucose products high quality and help you to save yor glucose manufacturing plant cost.

glucose syrup making machine
Glucose syrup evaporation and storage equipment

When select glucose manufacturing plant equipment, mainly decided according to the capacity requests, the processing capacity of different raw materials is combined with the corresponding glucose manufacturing equipment. The price of 4-5 ton glucose manufacturing plant and 10 ton and above glucose manufacturing plant cost are naturally different. In addition, there are also differences in the equipment model and equipments combination required by each user, those are important factors to influence the glucose manufacturing plant cost. According to different production capacity, the glucose manufacturing equipment can be customized reasonably, which is suitable for people and enterprises of different processing scales. Therefore, this part of the glucose manufacturing plant cost capital investment is a flexible investment project, depending on the amount of processing, there is no fixed value.

glucose syrup production plant
Glucose production machine manufacturing workshop

All in all, if you want to get a fixed figure of glucose manufacturing plant cost, you need to contact us and discuss with our engineer to confirm the glucose manufacturing plant establish and production solution. And we can manufacturing all equipments requests for glucose manufacturing plant cost, they inlude: mixing tank, jet cooker, liquefaction tank, saccharification tank, syrup filter machine, ion exchange column, syrup evaporator and many other auxiliary equipment, you can click glucose syrup production process to see more information of our machine. Beyond this, we also can help you to design your glucose manufacturing plant layout.

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