Uzbekistan corn syrup production plant project made by DOING

Recently, Doing Company completed the corn syrup production plant all equipments delivery for our Uzbekistan client. On the following is this project introduction.

[1]Project overview:
This corn syrup production plant project all equipments design, manufacturer and delivery made by Doing Company, with corn processing annual capacity 10 million tons, the corn syrup production capacity 8 million tons. Manufactured for our Uzbekistan client. As client requests, our company manufactured contain not only the whole set of corn syrup production equipments, but also include the production workshop, warehouse and other infrastructure.
Uzbekistan corn syrup production plant project made by DOING
Corn syrup production plant in Uzbekistan

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Corn syrup machinery under manufacturer

[2]Market analysis:
The corn syrup widely used in the beer, cold drink, candy's production, also used in many other industry production.This corn syrup production plant mainly depend on the abundant corn sources in Uzbekistan, Doing Company guarantee the advanced corn syrup production technology, perfect measurement technique, control technology and equipments adopted, use high-tech technology for conrn processing to produce corn syrup. For another, with the cost of sugar increase all over the world, corn syrup reached more and moer attention, and with more and more widely demand quantity.

This corn syrup production plant total investment in Uzbekistan about $12,000,000. The  fixed assets investment about $8,500,000, working capital about $3,500,000.

Uzbekistan corn syrup production plant project made by DOING
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[4]Efficiency analysis:
After this corn syrup production plant installation completed and begin to working, can receieve the sales revenue $15,000,000, net profit $3,200,000. That's to say, within three years our Uzbekistan client can recovery its cost for this corn syrup production plant, and its ecnomic efficiency is very high.

All in all, the corn syrup production technology level is important for the corn syrup production plant, better technology can produce higher quality syrup. And Doing Company corn syrup production technology combined with the newest technology home and abroad, make sure the final syrup high purity, meet the first-class syrup standards. And one set corn syrup production equipments can produce three type syrup: glucose, fructose, maltose, you can adjust the production as the market intend. If you want to learn more corn syrup production technology in our company, you can click the link.

Uzbekistan corn syrup production plant project made by DOING
Corn syrup machines delivery

For your corn syrup production plant construction, we can guarantee:
1. No pollution water discharging, used dry method to crush corn, this technology can get a variety of protein content products, which maximizes the profit of the corn syrup manufacturer, use corn powder to produce syrup directly, don't need to produce starch firstly.

2. The dry method is transfer the corn into pure white and transparent syrup with two enzymes, and one set starch syrup equipment can produce three kinds of products: fructose corn syrup, glucose syrup, and maltodse syrup, make your plant production more flexible, high ecnomic benefit.

3. The corn syrup equipment can be large and small, 3-5tons, 10-20tons, 30-50tons, 50-400tons, all is a complete set of corn syrup production plant. You can select in the light of your capacity requests, and we can make product scheme as your requests.

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