What is corn syrup made of ?

Oct 24, 2018 / FAQ
Corn syrup is produced from corn starch and is the base for high-fructose corn syrup, which is thought to cause obesity and other major health problems.

Although corn syrup is widely recognized as being unhealthy for you, many people don’t know what is corn syrup made of. I did some research on how corn syrup is made so we can put these questions to rest and know if it's actually as harmful as it's thought to be.

corn syrup production process
Corn syrup production process

Corn syrup is a maltose-based syrup made from high-quality corn starch and hydrolyzed by enzymes. The product is a colorless, transparent and viscous liquid with clear and transparent texture, mild and pure taste, and low sweetness. It has malt flavor, high boiling temperature, low freezing point, anti-crystallization and many other advantages. It is often used in jam and jelly to prevent crystal precipitation of sugar. High malt has good expandability, so it is also used in large quantities. It is also widely used in the fields of candy, beverages, foods, frozen foods, condiments, etc. in bread, cakes and beer. Commonly used in baking is corn syrup, then is the answer for what is corn syrup made of.

corn syrup preparation machine
DOING corn syrup making machine

To make corn syrup, there are two main steps: separating corn starch from corn and converting corn starch into corn syrup, two processing part of what is corn syrup made of.

-Separating Corn Starch from Corn

Separating corn starch from corn isn't as easy as you would think in the process of what is corn syrup made of. First, corn kernels that pass inspection are softened by putting to mix of water and sulfur dioxide, once the kernels are softened, the inner portion of the kernel, known as the germ, is removed. The germ is then heated and pressed so the corn oil in it is released.

Any remaining material from this process then has its starch removed from its fiber. Once separated, the starch is mixed with a protein mixture, called mill starch. The starch and mill starch are mixed together at high speeds, creating a heavy starch and a light protein. After having any leftover protein removed, the starch is fully removed from the corn and is ready to be converted into corn syrup.

corn syrup equipment
Produced corn syrup

-Converting Corn Starch into Corn Syrup

This process for what is corn syrup made of to creating corn syrup is called acid hydrolysis. Wet starch is mixed with a weak solution of hydrochloric acid and then heated under pressure. Corn starch is mixed with warm water. PH is adjusted 5.0-6.0. keep 30-40mints. ensure the enough mixting. Then, heating all tanks by steam, then start Liquid ejectors and pumps. Delivery material continuously and evenly, and control flow by production capacity. Flash evaporate material in Laminar flow tank, and keep temperature, observe liquefaction effect. Then send passed material to the second Liquid ejector, and keep temperature.

We need remove some corn gluten by filter press. The cooling syrup by Heat-exchanger, then send them to saccharification tank which is an important equipment to complete the process for what is corn syrup made of by pumps, then add glucoamylase, carry passed syrup into decolorization tanks by pump. Decolor by cctivate carbon and remove the active carbon.

If want to get pure corn syrup, there is a most important step, it is Ion exchange section, adopt ion exchange column to remove ions to get pure corn syrup can be eaten.

syrup machine
Ion exchange column

Finally, evaporation section

Evaporate syrup by triple-concentrate of evaporator and single-concentrate of evaporator. When syrup concentration is OK, shut down steam and stop evaporation, and carry syrup to Final-product storage tanks by Pumps. We will get the final corn syrup It is generally recommended to use plastic buckets to store syrup and sealed.

As can be seen from the above processing steps, about what is corn syrup made of, its answer main is corn starch and the enzymes. All machines above are the function of corn syrup production plant, with the development of morden technology, Doing Company can provide the advanced technology, that is converting the corn into the corn syrup directly. Then you can save many labour and cost. But it mainly used for the very small capacity.

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