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2018-05-14 /Enterprise news
On May 11-12, 2018, Doing Company all people went to the Wenhui Villa in Dengfeng, Henan province, China for a two-day, one-night quality development program activities. I entered the job on January 11th. This event happened to be just for me. It took just four months to enter the job. On the 11th, there was one more level of meaning for me. As an e-commerce provider of the GDP group. After two days and one night's activities, There's a lot of familiarity with each other, after all, recently, Doing Company develop fast, more and more new colleague joined, this is a best chance for our to contact with others. I think this is also one of the goals of the company in preparing for this activity. At the same time, it is the most basic achievement for me, especially the male colleagues of the technical department.

We are DOING

In such a large-scale activities, those selected as responsible persons usually are those who have more outstanding ability in daily learning or work. Perhaps they have strong individual ability, or they are physically stronger, or they may be personality. People feel at ease, in short, those who are elected to bear most of the responsibilities are relatively outstanding people. The higher the so-called ability is, the more serious the responsibility is, but it cannot be held back because of evading responsibility. After all, it is unwilling to continue to promote itself. People will eventually be eliminated and more will be born naturally. This activity tells me the importance of the rules and compliance with the rules. Especially in the work, everyone needs to be bound and obeyed. Obeying the defined rules is the first step to guarantee the order of the team. In addition, there is no absolute fairness in the world. Rules can make him relatively fair.

We are DOING

In this activity, include many kinds of games, each game can tell us the factors of how to make our team better. The leadership team is the helm of the entire team. The goal must be clear, and the role and responsibility must not be shirked. Through this project, I also realized that the supervisors and managers within the group and the company’s total and The total is not easy. To sum up: To make the team more powerful, the only way is to do your own thing. I was a fan of "One Piece" for many years. Someone in the Suo Tuo process said this sentence. One Piece also has this sentence. In addition, I have also personally learned the meaning of this sentence, indeed, and the student age. Differently, there is a pit of radish in the company. Everyone has their own assigned position, including work and responsibility. Others will naturally do other things, and all I have to do is do my own thing. I believe after this activity, Doing Company will be better, because we are better.

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