DOING glucose syrup equipment send to Canada

2018-09-10 /Enterprise news
One of our customer from Canada ordered one set of glucose syrup equipment from Doing Company, this set of glucose syrup equipment uses the wheat starch as raw material to produce glucose syrup, with capacity 3 million tons per year. This customer has been in constant contact with us for more than a year, and in the spring of 2018, we received his desposit, then our factory started the manufacturing of the syrup equipment for him, and recently we have loading and shipment the equipment from our factory, then it will be sent to Qingdao port, then delivery to montreal port, Canada. And after these syrup equipments reaching the customer's factory, our engineer will go there to install and adjust the equipment to ensure it can work smoothly. Below is our syrup equipment packing, loading photos for the Canada customer:
syrup equipment canada
Syrup equipment packing
glucose syrup equipment
Syrup equipment loading

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