Syrup manufacturing plant construction suggestions

2018-05-09 /Enterprise news
For the syrup manufacturing plant construction, there are main three factors you need to pay attention to: Plant site selection, Workshop floor-plan, Overall layout.

- 1. Syrup manufacturing plant site selection:
To decided your plant coonstruction site, you need to consider three aspects: (a) The planting area comply with national industrial layout and planning requirements, better select the develop mature industrial areas. (b) Generally select the shippment convinence area, easily for raw material and syrup products shipment, purchase and sale. (c) Under the premise of considering the maximum benefits of the syrup manufacturing plant, we should also pay attention to the protection of the environment, firmly put an end to the development of industry at the expense of the environment.

syrup manufacturing plant
Doing Company constructed syrup manufacturing plant for client

Syrup manufacturing plant construction site selection include the site condition, landform, water source, surroundings, transportation, energy, drainage condition. Due to the syrup manufacturing process requirement for water quality is higher, and without causing excessive waste of water resources, so the factory must have a water supply, water pretreatment, wastewater discharge, sewage treatment. This is a complete water supply and drainage system in the syrup manufacturing plant.

-2. Syrup manufacturing plant workshop floor-plan:
When design the workshop floor-plan, we need to consider the composition of the plant complex and the functional requirements, make sure the workshop reasonable layout of each region.
(a) The layout of each area is compact and reasonable in the syrup manufacturing plant workshop, at the same time, leave enough room for further development. (b) The whole workshop cost area must reach the whole syrup manufacturing process requests. (c) Guarantee the flow of people, logistics separation, pipe seperation, make sure the smooth flow of logistics. (d) Because this is a syrup manufacturing plant, so the plant workshop must meet the standards of the hygienic requirements for food factories. So the workshop floor-plan must pay attention to the cleanability.

syrup manufacturing plant
Syrup manufacturing plant

-3. Overall layout of the syrup manufacturing plant:
In a syrup manufacturing plant, except the workshop, also include many others area. Consist of the workshop, power house, auxiliary shop, waste masterial disposal area, warehouse and storage yard, office area and pre-factory district administration area. The parts area need to be integrated.
In the workshop include the liquefaction area, saccharification area, syrup filter area, the products test room and package room. Different capacity with different size equipments, so the land cost is different.

Power house, auxiliary shop in the syrup manufacturing plant include the water process house, boiler room, air compressor room, machine repair shop, and switching room.

syrup manufacturing plant
Syrup manufacturing plant technology process

Warehouse and storage yard used to keep all materials adopted in the syrup manufacturing plant, like the raw grains, package materials. And the storage house equipped with the special storage tank used for the syrup products storage, guarantee its quality not change and easily for shippment.

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