Bangladesh client visit for rice syrup production plant

2018-07-16 /Enterprise news
On July 6, 2018, customers from Bangladesh came to Henan Doing Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., where the factory workshop was located in Jiaozuo district, Henan, to visit the factory and purchase rice syrup production plant equipment. Manager Wang of Doing Foreign Trade Department accompanied the translator and led the customers to visit the mechanical equipment manufacturing workshop, and carefully explained the equipment performance advantages of the rice syrup production plant equipments.

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DOING rice syrup production plant overview

On the afternoon of the same day, the group went to Doing Office to discuss the details of the cooperation. After the close working trip, the customer returned to Guangzhou by plane on the evening of July 6. The equipment manufacturing work of the subsequent rice syrup production plant will be completed by Doing Company, our company and this customer in Bangladesh have been in contact for more than half a year. Now, Bangladesh plans to start converting some of its grains into ethanol to make its energy cleaner. Bangladeshi Ministry of Energy officials said that Bangladesh will start using corn, broken rice and syrup to produce ethanol, blended with gasoline, with a blending ratio of 5%. The production and use of syrup has a very broad space for development in Bangladesh.

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