Client visit us about the corn glucose processing plant

2018-07-31 /Enterprise news
This month in Nov, we will have new client visit our factory about corn glucose production.

corn glucose syrup equipment
Corn glucose syrup processing plant

For the corn glucose syrup processing plant, what we used is Japan technology- dry method about corn glucose processing plant. In China, we are the first and unique factory who have this technology.

Many factory know that corn glucose processing plant from corn starch While our dry method means that we can use corn to make corn flour firstly, and then use the corn flour to produce corn glucose.

During the corn to make corn flour, we need remove the peel, germ etc.

During the corn flour making corn glucose, we need remove the protein firstly, which is very good additive for animal feed.

For the corn glucose production, it needs corn flour mixing section, continuous liquefaction section, separating the protein cake section, sacchrifiaction section, discolorization, decaronization, removing the impurities, evaporation finally.

For more learning about corn glucose processing plant. please feel free to contact us for visiting our factory.

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